Many customers only know about the pedestrian gates, but they don't know too much.

Therefore, customers always asked" how to chose the tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate and swing barrier gate?"

Usually, some supplier will compare the tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate and swing barrier gate, actually, the "good" and "bad" of these pedestrian gates are not comparable. Firstly, these three pedestrian gates are completely different  in the shape, and have different functions. Secondly, when purchasing and installing these three pedestrian gates, they should be determined according to the user's on-site requirements conditions. The installation environment is different, and the functions required will be different. It should be said that each has its own advantages, so if you use these three gates to compare, it is impossible to say "good" and "bad", only appropriate.

Here, KEYABLE introduces the functional characteristics of these three pedestrian gates and the places suitable for installation. We hope that can help you choose the right pedestrian gates in the future.

Tripod turnstile: It is suitable for installation in places with a large amount of personnel, one card and one person, anti-tailing, etc. It has good waterproofness and can be installed outdoors, and the price is cheap. Mainly used in scenic spots, parks, factories, etc. The most notable feature of tripod turnstile is that it can effectively set up a single single pass, which is a good way to complete one-way charging and personnel access control, simple structure, easy maintenance, and low cost. When used in the factory, it can be combined with the access control to effectively integrate the access control attendance and personnel access control. The use of scenic spots and parks can be combined with the electronic ticketing system to complete the automatic ticket checking function. Compared with manual ticket checking, it not only improves efficiency, but also impresses passengers and enhances the image of the scenic spot.

Flap barrier gate: Unique appearance, suitable for installation in crowded and high level indoor places. Such as office buildings, stations, subways, airports, etc. The general flow of people in these places is very large, the speed of the flap barrier gates is faster than that of the tripod turnstile and the swing barrier gates, and the anti-tailing performance is also excellent. The indoor installation of the flap barrier gates is the best choice.

Swing barrier gate: The width of the swing barrier gate is adjustable, and the opening method is like the traditional door opening mode. After authorization, it is respectively extended to the left and right sides of the gate. So the swing gate is suitable for installed in places with bicycles, electric vehicles, baby carriages, etc.; it is mainly installed and used in the entrance of residential areas, schools, factory industrial parks, etc. Can be installed indoors and outdoors. However, the trailing resistance of the swing barrier gate is worse then  of the tripod turnstile and the flap barrier gates. If conditions permit, we suggest a combination of tripod turnstile and swing barrier gate, or a flap barrier gate and swing barrier gte. Combined with the installation and use, it can solve the traffice of people, bicycles and baby carriages, and advoid the occurrence of anti-tailing.

Stations, subway stations and other places should also consider that there will be many pedestrians with large luggage parcels, then you can choose to use a combination of swing barrier gate and flap barrier gate with precision sensors, both fast and fast. The wide width features the wide width and shortenability of the swing barrier gate, providing a dedicated access for those with trolleys and large luggage. Flap barrier gate can effectively prevent illegal activities such as evasion, trailing and reentry.

In fact, the swing barrier gate, the flap barrier gate, and the tripod turnstile all have their own appearance and functional characteristics, and they can all be managed safely, as long as they are used right. When selecting the pedestrian threshold, customer should communicate with the manufacturer according to the detail requirements. After listening to the suggestions, choose the appropriate pedestrian gate product, or customize the pedestrian gate.

How to choose pedestrian gate