1. Turn on the power, and the system enters the working state after 3 seconds.

2. When the card reader reads the valid card, the buzzer will make a pleasant sound, prompting the pedestrian to read the card successfully; at the same time, it also judges and processes the information read from the card, and sends an application signal to the main control board. ;

3. The main control board receives the signals of the card reader and the infrared sensor, and after comprehensive processing, sends an effective control signal to the direction indicator and the motor, so that the direction indicator turns into a green arrow pass sign. In the closed mode, the motor runs, the limit switch controls the motor rotation angle, and the swing is opened (the motor does not operate when in the normally open mode), allowing pedestrians to pass;

4. After the pedestrian indicates the passage through the passage according to the direction indicator mark, the infrared sensor senses the whole process of the pedestrian passing through the passage, and continuously sends a signal to the main control panel until the pedestrian has completely passed the passage;

5. If the pedestrian forgets to read the card or reads the invalid card into the channel, the system will prohibit pedestrians from passing (for the normally open mode, the swing will be closed; in the normally closed mode, the swing will not operate;

6. An alarm will be issued until the pedestrian exits the channel, and the alarm is released; re-reading the valid card allows access.

Keyable Technology introduces how the swing barrier gate system works